Ar Donald CHOI

    President, The Hong Kong Institute of Architects CEO, Chinachem Group

    Driven by a deep-seated belief that design can make the world a better place for all, Donald Choi is both architect and developer. Always with an eye on the responsibilities that come with altering the built environment, his inclusive approach means that the schemes he leads, reflect more distinctly the needs of their users.

    Previously MD of the Nan Fung Group, and a Director of Foster and Partners, Donald has worked on a large number of high profile public and private projects worldwide. Alongside his professional career, he has held multiple leadership roles in NGO and professional bodies that focus on community, design and innovation, and 2021 sees him becoming President of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects.

    Sustainability, the environment, and the health and welfare of the community now enjoy equal importance to profit at Chinachem, thanks to Donald. This balanced approach, at the heart of a refreshed brand, is a bold and pioneering change for the industry.

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