Personal Statement to Chen Ribiao

    Director, general manager and design director of Hong Kong Huayi Design Consultants (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and chairman of Beijing Zhonghai Huayi urban planning and Design Co., Ltd. (planning class a). Professor level senior engineer, national first level registered architect, national registered urban planner.

    He actively participates in the activities of various architectural and academic organizations and concurrently serves as the president of Shenzhen Survey and Design Industry Association.

    His concurrent architectural organizations include: executive director of Architectural Branch of China Survey and Design Association, vice president of Guangdong Engineering Survey and Design Industry Association, vice president of Shenzhen Urban Planning Society, vice president of Shenzhen Civil Engineering and Architectural Society, vice president of Shenzhen Green Building Association, vice president of Shenzhen Expert Federation, etc.

    His concurrent academic occupation includes: Vice President of Traditional Architecture Branch of China Survey and Design Association and director of Green Architecture Academic Committee of China Architecture Society. He also serves as a visiting professor in the school of architecture and urban planning of Chongqing University.

    He has high performance in civil architectural design, project management and related scientific research with a wide range of design works, which include super high-rise buildings, large-scale commercial complexes, comprehensive communities, cultural educational buildings and medical architecture. He recently focuses on the research of architectural design strategy and green technology application in the context of high-density cities. He has presided over 80 major public buildings and large-scale comprehensive community projects, and won more than 30 national and provincial Engineering Awards, including the national excellent survey and design industry award. He participated in more than 10 architectural design codes and research topics and published over 10 academic papers. Especially, he has won the titles of “top ten young architects in Shenzhen”, “excellent designer of the year in Shenzhen”, “outstanding architect in Shenzhen”, etc.

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