Mr. Bryant Lu
    Vice Chairman
    Ronald Lu & Partners

    Mr. Bryant Lu, Vice Chairman of Ronald Lu and Partners (RLP), is a leader of sustainability in the architecture and design industry. Under his leadership, RLP is committed to creating robust,

    practical, and sensitive built solutions that respond to the needs of the community in an environmentally-responsible manner, which ensures that everything the firm does adhere to the highest level of quality and environmental standards.

    Mr. Lu has been instrumental in leading development and driving changes at RLP for over 20 years. Among these years, RLP has received over 300 international and local design awards and has been ranked as one of the world’s Top 100 architectural firms by the UK’s “BD” magazine.

    He is honoured to have contributed to Hong Kong’s continuing development through the firm’s participation in such major projects as the award-winning Xiqu Centre, the eminent Zero Carbon Park, the first real TOD development TODTOWN, the sustainable industrial garden Integral in Guilin, and numerous others, continuing to designing a better life for the environment and the community.

    As a civic-minded architect, Mr. Lu actively supports a variety of arts and social organisations. He is currently the deputy chairman of the Hong Kong Arts Centre and serves on the board of the

    Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. A regular commentator and lecturer, he has spoken publicly about a range of societal issues from multipurpose stacked developments to sustainable living.

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